Our Patients Speak

Dr. Davy has an amiable smile and confident hands. The office managers are so nice, and very helpful. Best chiropractic experience I've ever had! LB

After being patients of Dr. Cyrul for 15 years, our family decided to stay with Chris Family Chiropractic when Dr. Davy took the helm. We are so happy that we did. We have found Dr. Davy to be kind, compassionate, talented and up on the latest chiropractic knowledge and techniques. We have continued to receive the great care (and relief from pain) that we had come to expect over the past 15 years. Among other things, our family has received Dr. Davy's help for athletic injuries, back, hip and neck pain, piriformis syndrome and the general aches and pains of daily life. Dr. Davy is a gift to our community! MB

EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT!!! I have always been skeptical of Chiropractors, but this was an AMAZING experience.  Dr. Davy Addison and Michael were very friendly, kept me informed every step of the way, and very professional! My only complaint is I did not go sooner! Very clean and beautiful atmosphere! My first visit I had X-Rays (my choice) an adjustment...Thanks for saving my shoulder and back! ~Nicole D

Chris Family Chiropractic did a fantastic job when my back suddenly started having troubles. These guys are the best and I would recommend them to anyone! CR

Eleanor suffered from low back pain for two years.  "The pain was severe and required a stable position, either sitting or lying, for several days preventing normal routine activities like housework and driving.  The very first visit (at Chris Family Chiropractic), I walked in all bent over from pain and walked out upright and went straight to the grocery store without pain.  I am now able to perform normal tasks without fear of recurring back pain."


Sue suffered from pain in arm and shoulder muscles.  "Being in a wheelchair, it makes it hard to work my chair properly.  I used Advil, hot and cold packs until I started to see Dr. Chris.  I noticed improvement about 2 or 3 weeks after treatment.  Chiropractic has made it painless in using the chair and I have discontinued some of my medications taken for pain."


Tom was having pain in his shoulder.  "It hurt a lot and I tried prescription medications which were not effective.  Initially I noticed improvement in one month.  Now my pain is not as frequent and less severe but I get almost immediate relief with an adjustment.  By helping me eliminate pain that might easily be mistaken for heart related pain, I am able to more easily identify any pain that IS heart-related and act accordingly.  I am also able to do more exercise without pain which improves my cardiovascular."


Lisa had problems with vertigo.  "Vertigo had nearly ruined my life.  Many times I was only able to sit on my couch.  Even putting a fresh paper towel on the rack was a lot of effort.  I was thinking I might have to not work, go on disability and be destitute!  I tried the hanging your head exercises, that kind of worked but really only time made the after effects dissipate.  The very first adjustment was better!  By the second treatment the vertigo was gone!!  Over time I have learned 'tricks' to keep it at bay.  I also learned that I have a wheat intolerance.  Through talking to Dr. Chris, I lost a bunch of weight, look great, feel great and have returned to fullness of life."


Gae suffered from low back pain.  "That caused hardships in my job.  I traveled for a living across 5 states.  I had chronic pain that caused me to not do a lot of hobbies that I wanted and enjoyed.  The pain also zapped my energy.  I took pain pills and muscle relaxants for 2 years.  I started having terrible pain after traveling on a plane.  I could barely walk.  I drove from North Carolina straight to Dr. Chris.  The daily treatments and adjustments cleared up the problem and I was so much better in a few weeks."


Pamper had neck and back pain.  "Consistent, recurring pain made regular life activities difficult.  I used OTC meds, taken as necessary.  I noticed improvement from chiropractic care in 1-2 months.  Adjustments help your body to do its own optimum healing.  Also, Dr. Chris has solid advice and suggestions about any health matter.  He is so very knowledgeable and common sensed.  I am just overall much healthier now than before I started chiropractic care."


Our younger patients are still working on sentence construction, but smiles mean a lot!